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Fun Facts About Domino's Pizza

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Domino’s Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza is an incredibly successful franchise with franchises in over 85 countries. Below are some fun facts about this amazing chain you might now know…

    Domino’s was originally called DomiNick’s and in 1960 was purchased by two brother Tom and James Monaghan. It was eventually renamed Domino’s in 1965 by of all people one of their delivery drivers. 

    Just eight months after the brothers purchased this small pizza restaurant one brother, James, decided he wanted out of the business to return to his job as a postal carrier. Tom did not have the money to buy him out so they settled, the old Volkswagon Beetle that was used for deliveries for his half of the business.

    Until recent years Domino’s only offered 2 sizes of pizza and a choice of 11 toppings. Coke was the only beverage offered. They believed a simple, streamlined menu created higher quality and profits. In recent years Domino’s has tried a wide range of menu additions.

    The three dots in the Domino’s Pizza logo represents the three locations Tom owned at the time of their renaming and re-branding from DomiNicks to Domino’s.

    Domino’s was the first food delivery service to test market delivery by drone. This was done in 2016 in New Zealand.

    India has the most Domino’s Pizza locations, second of course to the US.

    Currently Domino’s delivers about 1,000,000 pizzas per day in the US with drivers covering over 10 million miles per week. About as much as going to the moon and back 14 times. 

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