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Rochelle Brooks - Franchise Advisor


Rochelle Brooks - Franchise Advisor

Rochelle Brooks
Franchise Advisor

Located near Dallas, TX, Rochelle Brooks worked as an instructional designer and technology specialist with a cybersecurity company.  In 2006, she started her own promotions company.  It was a simple business to start, and because of her over 15 years’ experience in sales and political fund raising she had more business than she could staff. 

Rochelle is passionate about helping people improve their lives.  She worked in instructional design and e-learning to help make education more accessible so that people have as much flexibility as needed to obtain the education they desire.

As a franchise broker, I’m here to help match investors with the franchise opportunity that is right for you.  I will counsel, educate, and guide you through the process of finding or developing franchising opportunities.

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