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Tonya Antonevich - Franchise Advisor


Tonya Antonevich - Franchise Advisor

Tonya Antonevich
Franchise Advisor

Located in Charleston, SC, Tonya Antonevich worked  as a senior systems engineer for an international manufacturing company.  At the same time, she shared her expertise as an adjunct instructor in computer science at a local community college.  Despite a busy schedule, Tonya dreamed about being her own boss and having financial freedom.  After considerable thought, she decided to make her dream a reality and became a business owner; eventually owning several businesses, including two successful franchises in the service industry. 

I describe the experience as wonderful, challenging, and far exceeding my expectations.  I whole-heartedly recommend the franchise model compared to an individual startup. The franchise has the name recognition and proven systems to get the franchisee’s business up and running quickly. The trial-and-error experience of DIY startups can be costly and time-consuming.  I know firsthand – been there and done that.

My passion has always been to help people achieve their goals and dreams. This desire, coupled with my franchising background,  has led me to become a franchise consultant.  My goal is to guide potential franchisees to businesses that meets their personal and financial goals.   

My strategy is upfront. I want to get to know you. What types of businesses are you interested in?  Do you have a particular franchise in mind?  I want to know what makes you happy as an individual and where you see yourself in 5 years.  We will discuss how you define success. I ask that you be open-minded to look at businesses you may haven’t considered. 

Together we will discuss your skills and how much money you want to invest in the new business.  Resources for funding franchises can be provided if desired. I will guide you through the franchise purchase process starting with introductions to the corporate franchise team through sign on day.

I want to “Connect People with Success”.  Contact Tonya for a complimentary franchise consultation to discuss the possibilities.



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